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It's All About You


We quite frequently are asked all sorts of questions about Sarasota and what makes life here so special. It's the people in business that quite often make the quality of Sarasota lifestyle so desirable. From the local restaurants, the beaches and water front are what people first ask. 

It doesn't just stop there. Folks are always looking for retail proprietors that contribute to our unique Sarasota lifestyle. Specialty businesses encompass pet care, beauty salons and just about any retail establishment you can think of. We come to your business and feature what it is you bring to your customers. Getting the word out brings new customers!

Local services that focus on helping residents are also necessities such as plumbers, electricians, heating and air professionals, lawn care and more. We have the ability to meet 'on the job' or in the office. What ever puts your business in the best spotlight.

Best of all, being featured on our show doesn't cost you a dime other than a hour or so of your time. Once we have the information you feel is important for new customers to know, we put those questions to you in an interview format that helps your business shine.

Why would we provide this format to you for free? We see this as a service to our community. For 20 years, we have been building business channels focused on people who are considering a move to the area. For example, our Page now has over 10,000 followers with interests in the Sarasota area. That's a lot of new customers for you and we continue to develop new opportunities every day.  We see this as "win-win." We provide a for you to spotlight your business in and we are providing local knowledge to our customers. It is just as simple as that!

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